We cover plenty of wacky holidays on this blog, there is no doubt. On that note, it’s January 19, so its time to wish you all a happy penguin awareness day. Are you all aware of penguins? Good. The point is, some of those wacky holidays are more than just a hashtag you see floating around on Twitter once a year. Groundhog day, for example, is a time-honored wacky holiday. In fact, Groundhog Day has been a widely known tradition in the US (and Pennsylvania especially) since the late 1800’s. 


Of course, Groundhog Day reached a new high in the national consciousness after Bill Murray’s iconic movie of the same name in 1993. Who knows, maybe if you’re on this site on Groundhog Day you could get stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day over, and over, and over again. Well, that wouldn’t be the worst way to spend a time loop: at least with WhoopTee we have enough font, clip art, and color options (not to mention the ability to upload your own image) that you could spend an infinite amount of time creating new and unique custom t-shirt designs.


Still, why take the chance? Don’t wait until Groundhog Day to create an awesome holiday t-shirt. Make a t-shirt online today with our designer tool and you’ll have it in two weeks, shipped for free!. Just check the upper right hand corner of your screen for the day you’ll get your order. If you do wait until February 2, you can wait to see what the groundhog says. If we get spring six weeks early, go ahead and get a regular t-shirt or a sleepless tee and be ready for warm times. If it sees its shadow and we are looking at six more weeks of winter, get a custom hoodie. Either way, you’re covered with us. Just keep your eyes on the groundhog and your browser on WhoopTee.com.

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