Happy Bunsen Burner Day! Today is a day for all the science lovers of the world to celebrate the bunsen burner. Wait, what’s a bunsen burner? Invented by Robert Bunsen in 1852, the Bunsen Burner is a common piece of laboratory equipment, usually side-by-side with a beaker for the first piece of equipment students are exposed to. The burners are gas powered and used for heating and stylizing in a laboratory setting. Anyone who’s even been through a high school science class will remember one of these.


For students all across the county, Bunsen Burners are essential to vital biology and chemistry lessons. The next generation of researchers, chemists, inventors, and visionaries are being educated with these as we speak. It is of the utmost importance to nourish a love of science in students. That’s where science clubs come into play. Science clubs are a community within a school setting where kids can come together to learn and grow with other similarly interested students. They get extra work, field trips, and attention from a staff sponsor. 


Clubs for areas of study are key components to any school’s extra curricular program, but it isn’t always easy to convince kids to sign up for extra work. They may also be afraid of being labeled a nerd. The best way to keep interest up and keep membership high is to create a fun, family-like atmosphere for club members. Custom club t-shirts are a great way to give the kids that sense of community. 


We at WhoopTee love helping out schools with their club t-shirts. The youth are all of our future. Sponsors, you can design your club’s t-shirt easily with our designer tool, and even upload your logo or mascot. You can then get a free quote breakdown of how much your total order and each individual shirt will cost. Then in two weeks, you students will have their shirts shipped free of charge.

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