Senior year:  With one foot out the door it’s hard to believe it’s almost all over.  While looking back is a tad bittersweet, what’s done is done.  It’s hard to stay focused during this high stakes time in your young adult life.  This school is already in your rearview mirror but there’s a lot of time left between then and now. Homecoming, Christmas dance, Senior Day, ACT’s, SAT’s, all looming ahead.

Prepare yourself for the obligatory conversation with every family member at every function over the next year.  It goes a little something like this:

 THEM: Are you ready for your senior year?

YOU: Yeah (enthusiastically)

THEM: Are you starting varsity?

YOU: Yeah (sarcastically)

THEM: Have you been sending college applications in?

YOU: Yeah (realistically)

THEM: I bet you’re ready to be on your own?

               YOU: Yeah (obviously)

THEM: You know, you’re mother’s really going to miss you.

YOU: Yeah (longingly)

That’s right, you almost forgot about mom.  Your mom - the perfect mix of sweet and sassy, with a touch of terrorist.   Other guys complain about how overbearing and out of touch their moms can be, but you’ve never had to deal with that sort of thing.  Your mom listens to the same music as you,  is fun to be around and is always willing to slap some sense into you without a moment’s notice.   What will you do without mom?

She’s done so much already, so what can you do for her so she won’t forget you.  Something that will make her laugh.  Something that’s both practical yet personal.  A t-shirt! Wait, a t-shirt?  I may sound lame but think for a minute.  I’m talking about a custom t-shirt from, not some store bought college shirt that everyone else has.

Scroll through all your favorite photos on your phone and pick her favorite.  Make sure it’s one that’ s unique and funny.  Go to, pick a shirt from the women’s collection and use the Designer Tool to add that picture to the front.   Now make it large.  I’m talking your big face on mom’s new shirt, right where everyone can see. Click and order. 

You may not be leaving for several months but it’s the thought that counts.

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