In honor of this short work week provided by the Thanksgiving Holiday, the Whoop Team would like to reflect on a short list of things we’re thankful for in 2015.

  1. Binge Watching - Whether it’s Netflix or Hulu, or an extensive collection of Blu-Rays, we can’t get enough serial television. We’ve reveled in Zooey Deschanel’s quirky custom outfits and learned to “whip and nae-nae” with Disney’s Austin Moon.  As the cold winter months approach, ride the couch in a pair of Gildan Heavy Blend Open Bottom Sweatpants.

  2. Transitioning . . . - Bruce Jenner went from Olympic athlete to female icon under the watchful eyes of the media and gawking public. In one side wearing athletic apparel and out the other in an evening gown; Caitlyn Jenner came through it all looking fabulous.  Keep up with all the news on our Facebook page.

  3. Coupons - The culture created by all modern consumers, particularly Groupon loyalists   is this:  We can get exactly what we want  - without paying full price.  And upon their success, we followed suit.  Design your custom t-shirt online on Friday using our holiday template and use the coupon code FilthyXmas2015.

  4. Goodbye Dave - He was a quirky comic; a particular taste; a point of view that ceases to exist as of this past May.  David Letterman closed the doors to the Ed Sullivan Theatre and the Late Show for good; now all the stupid pets tricks and Bill Murray’s in the world can’t bring it back.  Get inspired and make something worth commemorating by taking a look at the clipart and themed templates available in the Designer Tool.

  5. Hello Adele - After topping pop stardom and becoming a mother, singer Adele faded back into oblivion.  Now she’s come calling . . . Hello, Can you hear me?  Yes Adele!  Yes!  We hear you loud and clear and we can’t wait to hear what else you have to say!  Her album, 25, has her fans all hot and bothered to know everything about the English ingenue.  But if you don’t have anyone to keep you warm at night, take a look at our array of custom sweatshirts and hoodies.  Cozy and sophisticated - for all the lovesick ladies in your world! 



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