It's flu season and it is hitting hard this year. Hospitals are extremely limiting visitors. However, it's a rumor we at Whooptee are not confirming. People, offices, and organizations are being affected by the manpower shortage. Those already in poor health are at greater risk. Remember to wash your hands regularly! 


You probably don't think about how much doctors and nurses are exposed to viruses like this. You can be around one person and get sick, imagine being around a hospital full of infected people. These doctors and nurses go through a lot. If you have a family member who is a doctor or nurse you have seen first hand how tough the job is and the toll it takes on them. We want to say thank you to nurses, doctors, and let's not forget EMTs. It’s not just time, or exposure to infections these people give, though. These are emotionally draining careers, and they give themselves to help others. They operate in fast-paced, stressful situations. If they make a mistake, it could be a life or death. 


Let's thank and encourage these nurses and doctors with a humorous custom t-shirt that will take some of the stress away. Laughter is the best medicine, after all. You can make just one affordable custom tee for you to show your support for medical professionals with our no minimum options. On the flip side, you can create multiple affordable custom tees for your friends and family to show their support. You can sell t-shirts to raise funds for medical-related charities, or for the patients these doctors are fighting for. 


You can create a custom t-shirt with WhoopTee’s designer tool. You have the power to make the design you at a price you can afford. Oh, and shipping is free! Check the upper right hand corner of your screen to see when you can expect your custom tees.

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