Are you aware that today is National Girlfriend Day? No, it’s not Valentine’s Day, National Girlfriend Day is its  own distinct holiday. This one isn’t circled in red pen on her calendar, but you can bet that if she any of the memes floating around on Facebook today, she’ll know…she’ll know. So why not turn into the wave and buy her a special present? You may not have it today, but in just two weeks (one if you choose the rush delivery option for an additional fee), you’ll have a special one of a kind present for your special lady when you create a custom t-shirt online with WhoopTee.


With WhoopTee, you can make a cheap custom t-shirt with our designer tool straight from your imagination. Do you have a special picture of the two of you together? You can upload your picture and use that for your design. Or perhaps you have a special in joke that just the two of you know. Maybe you want to flex your whit while making your lady a t-shirt. Whatever the case, you can bring your vision to life with WhoopTee.


You don’t have to throw down a big wad of cash with us, either. WhoopTee has no minimum options that allow you to buy just a single t-shirt. You don’t have to order an entire case of shirts to get the tee you need for your lady, you can also save money by choosing a plain white t-shirt and keeping your color inks to a minimum. 


Now, we’re not advocating lying or anything of that nefarious nature, but your girlfriend doesn’t need to know that you got your t-shirt at an affordable price, now does she? Again, we’re not telling you to lie…just don’t volunteer the affordability and let her think you threw some cash around.

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