Today is National Intern Day, a time to show some appreciation for interns. Chances are, most people who have an intern have themselves been an intern. Let’s face it, being an intern, while a rewarding experience in most cases, also can be a drag. For one, interns are at the absolute bottom of the pecking order, if not below the bottom. Getting coffee, stamping envelopes, getting lunch…grunt work is the name of the game for many interns. 


On the positive side, interns are getting first-hand work experience with potential employers. Many interns find full-time jobs through internships. At the very least, they may learn something important or receive college credit. 


For the employers. the benefit of interns is pretty obvious: free or cheap labor. The best employers pay their interns, or at the very least make sure to give them actual work experience beyond errands. For employers and co-workers, today is a day to acknowledge the support and value that your interns provide. 


For your interns, create a custom tee design that says how much you appreciate your interns. You can then give the t-shirts to them as gifts. This would be an especially nice gift at the end of their internship. It’s both a gift of thanks and a celebration of their time in your organization.


While you’re at it, why not create casual work uniforms? We have collared shirts available that make for a practical yet classy uniform. A standard t-shirt also makes for a great work uniform, as they are cost effective, a moral boost thanks to their comfort, and easy to brand. 


You can upload your own image to our designer tool and brand your custom tees. Take them with you to event, and hand them out to your customers as gifts. You get free advertising every time they’re worn in public. T-shirts also make for cost-effective social media giveaways that can get you followers and attract eyeballs. The more you buy, the lower the price and our order ship for free in two weeks. 


Get started designing custom tees for your business, and don’t forget to be nice to the intern!

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