Ham and cheese . . . Lucy and Ethel . . . jeans and. . . .  . A custom designed t shirt.  That’s not what you were thinking? Well it should be.  When was the last time you went out in an itchy, sequins top paired with a skirt you kept adjusting all night?  What’s more classic and comfortable than a jeans and t shirt?

Now a custom t shirt doesn’t always have to be a statement piece – maybe a simple monogram or logo on a simple short sleeved shirt. Think Giselle, on her way to lunch, caught by the paparazzi looking stunningly casual in denim and white cotton – not a stain in sight.

Custom can be simple and unique. For instance, if short sleeves aren’t your thing, try the Bella Ladies’ Flowy Long Sleeve T-Shirt with 2x1 Rib Sleeves .   Black is best for a chic day or night look.   Here are some tips to dress up the classic t-shirt:

1.       Be a supermodel:   Or Lady Gaga because they can wear whatever they want and few ever dare question their taste level  or bank account for that matter.

2.       The shoes!: Yes, us ladies catch a lot of heat for the amount of shoes taking up valuable real estate in our closets but no one bothers to think about form and function.  The height of the heel,  level of formality and saturation of hue all depend on the mood of the one “wearer”

3.       Scarf vs. necklace:  And the winner is  . . . . . necklace . . .I mean scarf, depending on the season.  Both are great options as long as they enhance the neckline of the t-shirt.

So as you can see, custom isn’t always obvious.  Sometimes its the subtle looks that make you feel comfortable and fashionable . . . just like Giselle. 




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