Friends, it's hard to deny that social media is important. How else would you see vintage-tinged photographs of what friends of your friends are eating? Or, most importantly, share custom t shirt ideas with the world? Or, even more importantly, keep in touch with your good friends here at WhoopTee?

Best friends!

But, as I sat down at my keyboard today and started dreaming up the creme de la creme of t shirt design (ahem... yeah, let's go with that...) I read a breaking news story that spurred what one might call a crisis of conscience. An ethical dilemma, as it were, for this blogger.

You see, in Australia, a woman actually walked straight off a pier because she was looking at Facebook on her phone and didn't notice the tiny detail of AN OCEAN BEING THERE. And she couldn't swim. So she floated, all the while making sure not to drop her phone, until she was rescued.

So, as I post this, I feel the need to say-- I know this blog is fascinating, and the designer tool makes it really easy to use a few spare minutes to design your own t shirt full of whimsy or snark, but please don't get so captivated that you fall off a pier. It would be kind of flattering, but we care about your safety above all else, friends!

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