There are many good qualities to sleeping. It’s peaceful. It’s a stress reliever. You get to dream and those are always fun. Except for nightmares. Well, dreams are usually fun. Oh, and if you don’t do it or don't do it enough, you die. So, there’s that… At least it’s easy to illustrate sleep, the classic string of “Zzz’s” flowing from the sleeper. 


Plus, it makes drooling socially appropriate. Just kidding, we would never do something that gross (tugs collar). On a sad note it’s harder to do some nights rather than others, but there are sleep aids to help with that. It makes you come to appreciate sleep. So, on January 3, celebrate National Sleep Day. 


You do a lot of running around on Christmas and New Year’s Day, you need time to sleep and unwind in the New Year. Plus, relatives will be out of the house so you can take a break from the crowd and replenish and reset your mind before or after cleaning the house.


Plus, when you make a custom t-shirt with a National Sleep Day design, you can make everyday National Sleep Day. Rip Van Wrinkle would be proud and partake in the holiday we are sure. So get ready to celebrate with a custom t-shirt ahead of time. When you get your custom tee, you can make any day National Sleep Day. All you need is your shirt, a bed, and the will to chill. 


If you don’t have art of your own to illustrate, try our templates and they will help you find the right clip art and pictures you need. Know your design and have it handy? You can upload your image onto the t-shirt. It’s fast and easy and in two weeks you will have your own custom t-shirt, shipped for free. So don’t snooze on through your chance to get a fun, easy to make, one of a kind, cheap t-shirt.

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