Small businesses need your support today on Small Business Saturday! While Black Friday is a day for big box retailers use door busters to pit weary shoppers against each other like gladiators in the wee hours of Thanksgiving and the following morning. Cyber Monday is the day that online retailers do the same thing, but, you know, online. But what about the little guy? What about the 27 million mom and pop shops and small businesses that make up the rest of the economy? Today is for them.


Small Business Saturday is a day for us all to remember to shop small and shop local. We must support the small businesses in our community during the holiday season and the rest of the year as well. 


Standing out in a world dominated by giants like Walmart and Amazon can be really hard for small businesses, but it’s not impossible. In fact, a world full of franchise fatigue, there is a large number of people looking for something genuine and different. With a little work and creativity, it is possible for a small retailer to stand out. 


One way to do so is to leverage social media. Though the days of getting organic traffic by the boatloads are seemingly gone, social media can still be a very effective advertising platform and a way to generate search traffic and cultivate strong relationships with potential customers. 


Building a strong brand in your community is key. This can be accomplished both online and off with custom t-shirts. T-shirts are a great affordable donation to community fundraisers for silent auctions or attendance prizes and double as an advertisement. T-Shirts also go a long way towards building a community around your shop. 


The more you buy, the more affordable your custom t-shirts become as you take advantage of build discounts. You can also upload your own image to create the perfect promotional tee with your logo. 


Please remember to support small businesses on Small Business Saturday and the rest of the shopping season.

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