Aren’t snow days great? Gone are the days when we would have to huddle around the TV in our PJs waiting to see our school district on the little scroll at the bottom of the screen on a news broadcast. Kids today will never know the pain of missing the section with your school and having to sit through the rest just to find out you do in fact have school the next day, just to go to bed in abject misery. These days, robot calls and social media take all the guessing games out of the equation. 


Ok parents, now what do you do with a bunch of rowdy, bored kids that are now trapped in your house for at least 24 hours? Have them design a custom t-shirt online. WhoopTee has a user-friendly designer tool that will allow your kids to create a cool t-shirt from scratch with now experience necessary. They can choose a shirt (although in this cold we suggest a hoodie), choose the color, choose their type and fonts, choose graphics, and even upload their own image. WhoopTee puts the power of creation within reach with no learning curve. 


You can set your snow-bound kids up to work on t-shirt designs and keep them from getting bored. Once they have a design done, you can email it to family, share it on social media, or have it printed for them as a reward for good behavior. Or, you can save the design. Keep in mind, Christmas is right around the corner. You can save the shirt and just about the time your kid has forgotten they designed it, you can give it to them as a present. Keep in mind, our t-shirt orders ship for free in two weeks. 


You can entertain your kids, keep their minds stimulated on a lost school day, and knock one gift off of your list for the holidays all at the same time. How can you beat that? Snowmageddon isn’t that bad after all.

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