So, you want to be a picker? You’ve been watching TV lately and all the shows of people knee deep in a barn pulling out treasures. Or maybe you’ve been watching shows about people who blindly bid on storage units, or one of the seemingly endless parade of pawn shop shows. Or, you got hooked on antique shows years ago and this has been in the back of your mind at every swap meet, flea market, and resale store you visit. Well, you’re ready to take the plunge and become a picker. Now what?

Well, for starters, you need to start thinking like a business person and less like a collector or consumer. You have to keep fine track of your spending, as well as keeping a tight watch on market values. When you buy an item, you have to consider all expenses you’re incurring, not just the cost of the item. For more on buying for resale, check out this guide for flea market entrepreneurs


You also have to know going in that many people have negative preconceived notions of pickers, or may have had a bad experience with them in the past. The best way to battle this perception issue is to present yourself in a professional, trustworthy manner. This includes having a professional uniform. 


You can upload your own image to our designer tool and create a branded shirt for your picking business. We suggest going with a collared shirt. These shirts are professional, accepted businesses casual garb, but are also rugged, conformable, and versatile enough to wear in the field while picking. These shirts are available in orders of 6 or more, but that shouldn't be a deterrent. Picking can be an especially messy business, so unless you love doing laundry every single night, you should have multiple shirts to get your through the week. Plus, the more you buy, the less expensive they get per unit.

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