There’s something very Americana about a classic auction. Hungry buyers gather in an area and the highest dollar gets the prize. It’s capitalism in a microcosm; competition and an open market. What’s the price? How much are items worth? What someone is willing to pay. The price is totally dependent on competition. More competition, the price goes up. Less…you get the idea. 


Especially in rural areas, auctions at fairgrounds and in auction houses are a lot of fun for entertainment value alone. If you’ve never been to an auction, it’s extremely entertaining. The crowd gathers around the items for sale and they bid at sometimes frantic pace. There’s that moment of anticipation waiting to see if anyone else will jump in or raise their bid. Sometimes several of the same item are split up and sold as a choice. It can be noisy, intense, and downright exhilarating to watch and especially to participate in.


At the center of it all, one near mythical figure is in command of the show; the auctioneer. You’ve probably heard the auctioneer’s rattle before, what sounds like gibberish at first listen but is actually the current bid and an appeal for another bid with filler words thrown in. Skilled auctioneers are loud, fast, clear, and commanding and instill the audience with a sense of urgency. A great rattle is hypnotic. 


Auctions also happen in more formal settings, like galleries. Then you have the exact opposite of an oral auction, a silent auction commonly found fat fundraisers. To remove the social component even further, online auctions are silent, solitary affairs. 


Every single one of these auction types could use custom t-shirts. 


For live oral auctions, t-shirts are not only a promotional tool but the primary uniform. Simple t-shirts can be given out to clients or customers, spreading your name. WhoopTee also has collared shirts available that offer the perfect blend of professionalism and performance. These shirts give a professional vibe while also being light and versatile enough for the tremendous moving and setup that precedes and follows auctions. In the blistering summer heat, moisture-wicking fabric is a nice feature. We also have hoodies and jackets available for winter, fall, and early spring conditions. 


For charity events like charity auctions, bachelor/bachelorette auctions, and silent auctions, t-shirts are a great thank you to volunteers that also identify staff to attendees. They also make great cost-effective attendance prizes, or donations to silent auctions. 


For more on how to use t-shirts to promote or enhance your business, check out this series of guides. To learn more about how t-shirts can help your fundraiser or to find a fundraiser idea you haven’t tapped yet, check here.

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