For a long time, the military has used Morse Code. More than just the military, there was  a time when Morse Code was the standard means of communicating through telegraph and between ships at sea. This is where the common phrase for help, SOS, comes into play as it was the official maritime distress call. It is still commonly used as a sign of distress today, either in casual conversation or in more formal circumstances. 


For those of you who don’t know how Morse Code works, it’s a way of communicating through “dots” and “dashes”, which are essentially short and long taps. SOS, for example, is spelled out • • • – – – • • • in Morse Code. Kids often learn little bits of Morse Code in the scouts. 


National Learn Your Name in More Code Day gives kids, or adults, an occasion to learn a little bit about a form of communication that may be just for fun, like Klingon. However, Morse Code can still be useful and relevant even in 2018. Soldiers in prison camps have been able to communicate through Morse Code without alerting guards. Two individuals in similar perilous situations, like a hostage situation, would be able to communicate without alerting their captors in the right circumstances. 


Ok, enough doom and gloom, there are plenty of fun applications for Morse Code. If you are a student, you can pass notes back and forth without the teacher finding out what you are saying, unless they know Morse Code. It can be a fun way to talk in front of someone without them knowing what you are saying in the same vein as Pig Latin. 


Start learning today learning your name in Morse code. You can get more people interested in learning Morse code with you if you put it on a t-shirt. You can print the Morse code version and the translation underneath it and put it on our t-shirts. Even though Learn Your Name in Morse Code is January 11th, you can honor it still by creating a custom t-shirt with WhoopTee's designer tool after the fact. It would make a great gift for anyone in the military or even a history buff who is excited by the language. Who isn't excited about Morse code? It is relatively simple and not everyone has the skill. You can stand apart and have a handy skill that others don't have. So order your unique and educational t-shirt today. 

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