It's finally happened: I'm stuck in Africa on tour with One Direction and lost all my clothes. I had a feeling something like this was going to happen when we took the smaller jet with a new flight crew. We were making a quick jump from Spain over to Northern Africa and it seems the new flight crew forgot to pack one of my bags. Of course, it had to be the bag with all my custom apparel like tank tops, hoodies, sweatpants, etc. I watched the video on how to Design Your Own T-shirt and I desperately need help! 
I keep losing my Internet connection so, here’s a list of replacements that I’ll need from
1. I NEEEEEED my Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Tank in Leaf green – Harry insists on sharing and the 
green color really makes his gorgeous eyes pop!
2. It gets chilly at night here, so send me a Independent Trading Co. Unisex Full-Zip Hooded 
Sweatshirt; size medium in Charcoal Heather
3. Badger Open Bottom Sweatpants are the most comfortable pants ever made! And they’re great 
for lounging on the tour bus or in hotel suites.
4. Liam, my English bulldog, not the band member, needs Doggie Skins Tank Top in Green 
Woodland. I want him to look more “street” and less “snobby.”
We’ll be in Morocco in two days so you can send them to the Ritz in downtown Marrakesh; be sure to label it Whooptee Woman, so I know it’s for me. 
Until then I’ll be forced to look like a groupie wearing these stiff, ugly band t-shirts and jeans. Although, I guess I could get my Marrakesh on and try out a kaftan. But I’m sure it’s not half as comfy as my Bella +Canvas gear.
Thank you in advance! 
Yours truly
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