Have you every twisted and ankle or broken a bone, and were stuck wearing a cast for weeks? If you have, then you can relate to the annoying influx of questions that arise. I recently got a stress fracture and had to wear a special shoe. I kinda wanted to just have a stamp on my forehead that read “Foot has a stress fracture!” Just so people would stop asking.

But no need to deface your forehead! A stylish t shirt design can do the job, and maybe even get a few laughs. Maybe you could include a cool graphic illustrating how you got into your accident. Anything that will make people laugh AND keep people from asking a laundry list of questions.

So lets see how many interesting accidents people have gotten themselves into. And I mean small accidents, nothing too serious (because that’s not funny). Custom t shirts can totally keep people from asking the same question “What dyou do?” But there may be a chance that other questions will arise, like “Where’d you get that t shirt design?” To which you will say you can design your own t shirt at WhoopTee! ;-D

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