Shake the snow off your boots and put the gloves away!  Spring training is here  . .  . Or rather in the sunshine states like Florida, Arizona, California, Texas. It's been four long months of a baseball-less world and you've been patiently waiting.

Did you book your flight? Get your hotel? Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen?   How can you call yourself the biggest baseball fan around but you can't afford a baseball vacation? ok,then be the biggest fan on a budget! WIth a little creativity and a website called, it's easy to do.


Start with the team; lots of fans organize bus trips and group airfare to get to the destination of their favorite team.  Ask around, check online, check for long lost airline miles and take advantage of the deal.  Next is lodging:  chances are you know someone with a condo for rent, a timeshare or even some hotel points left on a credit card. Grab two of your friends and split the difference.  Now it’s time for tickets to the game.  


During spring training it’s so easy to get access to your favorite players because they’re close enough to touch!  (Caution: Stroke at your own discretion.)  Stadiums are smaller, bars and restaurants are few and farther between and everyone loves the beach  - there’s no telling where you’ll bump into your favorite all-star.  And if it never happens, chat up the locals or make friends with your new travel buddies; they may just have an extra free ticket with your name on it.


Let’s see . . . travel, hotel, tickets . . .what else is left?  That’s right new, custom baseball shirts! You can’t be seen in last year’s gear, so get a new look, starting with the shirt. Ladies, usher in the sport of summer with a Bella Ladies 2x1 Rib Racerback Longer Length Tank Top. Gentlemen, dress up your average summer look in a Badger B-Dry Hook Sport Shirt; sure to keep you cool in the sun.  Both guys and girls look great in a vintage baseball ringer like the Augusta Sportswear Short Sleeve Baseball Jersey.

So get out of the snow and into the sun . . . .and don’t forget your favorite Whooptee t-shirt. . .just in time for baseball season.


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