The Blues are the cusp of glory. The Cardinals are on the fence. The Rams are on the west coast (ouch). St. Louisan, your city needs you. Our teams need support, as alway, but more than that the city itself needs all the good vibes it can get. It’s time to stand up and say I love my city. 


When the Rams left town, owner Stan Kronke said some pretty scathing things about our city, painting it as a city not on the decline, but in ruin. These comments cut just as deep as the  team’s eventual departure, not so much that Kronke would say what he did (loyalty and integrity aren’t his highest priorities), but that the league apparently agreed. We know what a wonderful place St. Louis is, and we know what a strong people St. Louisans are. It’s high time we showed it with a custom t-shirt. 


When you get your custom tee from WhoopTee, you can order just one for yourself or a whole pile for all the St. Louis lovers in your life. With our affordable pricing and free shipping, there is no excuse not to have a rocking tee to celebrate your home town. With WhoopTee, you can make a custom t-shirt online with our designer tool quickly, easily, and beautifully. We have a multitude of options for your shirt style, color, and design. You can play around until you have the shirt of your dreams right in front of your eyes, then all you have to do is press order and we’ll handle it from there. Our customer service department will check your order to make sure nothing seems “off”, and in 14 days you’ll have your piece of St. Louis pride. 


Don’t want a shirt? We also have pants and shorts available. Your pet can even show their St. Louis spirit. We’re all in this together, so let’s dress like it.

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