For all of you fashion fiends, it might tickle your fancy to be informed that Blake Lively has been selected as the face of Gucci fragrance. The resultant photos like the one you see above (you’re welcome) are classically beautiful and artful, without a doubt. The released black and white photo features Lively done up with a taste of Old Hollywood glamour, as if nodding to a classic forties Film Noir-style set and inspired by the drama, with the stark lights and darks. Seductively draped over a banister wearing a flashy sequined number, the tone of the photo has an air of sensuality about it rather than the blatant sex-driven campaigns most high-end designers resort to in order to entice the masses to buy their products. Props to Gucci for choosing class and relying on elegant, artful photography rather than a topless model mid-makeout session in an ad that tries to scream "If you wear this perfume, you'll get the dude of your dreams!" Really? If I have to do that by way of nakedly fawning about in the hay, the person actually worth your time really be into that? Well, er, maybe...I'm not totally idealistic. Would running around in the nude get a few seconds of attention? Sure, in the way that giant explosions in films do. The crowd goes, "Oh, wow"...for like, a minute. Then they're like "uh, does this thing have an actual plot?" In the case of Transformers, the answer People don't go to movies to watch two hours of straight explosions...unless you're a Transformers fan, in which case I don't know how you didn't have a massive brain aneurysm during Dark of the Moon. But a thoughtful plot has the potential to move people, much more so than millions of dollars spent on explosions and barns covered in hay where naked people roll around and get photographed for perfume campaigns. So, in the typical round-about fashion I take to make my point, here it is: Focus on developing your plot, friends...and choose class! Oh, Blake Lively. You classy lady, you. Gosh, it must be so awful to be that beautiful, date Ryan Reynolds, and make Academy Award-nominated films with Ben Affleck. What an utter sham of a life. Must suck to be you.
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