Tired of everyone stealing your favorite clothes?  Are you missing all your hoodies because you've gone through about a hundred ex-girlfriends who feel the need to "stay friends" by keeping your clothes?  There’s only one way to stop the madness and it’s not having your mom write your name on all the tags.


They can try, but no one can claim your clothes when you parade around in custom apparel from Whooptee.  Now you may not consider yourself a t-shirt maker, or you might find the idea of customizing your apparel overwhelming.  Instead, you walk the malls of these United States in search of personal style as it stares back at you in the window.  Picture it: hoodie perfectly disheveled, matched with a t-shirt, cords and Converse.  Wow, I can’t imagine how you can get your clothes mixed up with every other person at your school!   


Here’s the reality check: get some inspiration from a company unique as its name. Try this on for size:


W is for wearable; Whooptee has custom apparel for every style, shape and size.

H represents all the hotties in hoodies - get one! (A hottie or a hoodie, your choice.)

OO is the sound your friends will make when they realize you designed your own shirt!

P equals PARTY!  Get your drink on in any one of our custom t-shirts.

T is for titillating.  It sounds dirty, but once you get your first package, you’ll be as excited as a school boy!

E is for every style, for everyone in your life.

Excellence . .. never mess with excellence.

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