You can never go wrong with a posh, plain black or white tee and a sassy, strategically built outfit around it. This is just the antidote to the plain tee, jeans and sneakers combo–which while timeless, yes, can be pretty plain vanilla yogurt. Going the plain black or white tee route allows for some daring, eye-popping choices to happen around it, like model Mathilde Frachon's choice of a colorful Iro wrap skirt with chunky glasses, black leather heels and a soft white cardigan. Don't know what's going on with the bright pink and leopard bags she has going on–but hey, a girl's gotta have her essentials, and for some of us that means double the handbags. You never know when you're going to need lip gloss, double-stick tape, a three-hole puncher, a goat’s milk smoothie, a lasso, a baguette, a chess set, or whatever the heck she keeps in there. As a successful high-fashion model, the girl has access to all of the most amazing, labored-over, beautiful clothes imaginable, and even she rocks a plain tee! But like Mathilde, don't rock just any plain tee. Make it a custom-fitted or custom designed tee made especially for you. This fitted Bella Ladies’ short sleeve v-neck in black would be perfect for a look like this. Check it out here. Photo via Elle Street Style

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