What’s that sound in the distance?  Peak down the parade route only to discover the school marching band has everyone on their feet.  Elderly people in wheelchairs tapping a foot, toddlers clapping their hands as smiles crawl across the faces of the crowd.  Even though it may seem fun, it’s not easy. Timing, choreography, oh yeah, and the music all need to be synchronized to form a unity of school spirit. Countless lessons, thousands of dollars and hours of practice have brought you to this moment – creating the perfect custom t-shirt for your band

The term band shirt implies black short-sleeved t-shirts with white lettering worn by roadies to commemorate the X tour in year Y.  A little too predictable for the ever-changing personality of the college youth. Whooptee has a collection of shirts to take your school or community band to the next level.  Whether you play the tuba or consider yourself a Band –Aid (get it?), tap into the moment where making music become an unconscious part of your soul. 

Forget about the jocks and cheerleaders getting the entire crowd’s attention, because you’re about to steal it.  That’s right – put them on the sidelines for once while you move about in your thick polyester, shiny shoes and 5 foot tall hat.  The crowd becomes mesmorized by the synchronized movement of you and your band mates across the football field.  No need for high fives or self congratulatory chest thumps; a quick side-glance from percussion to horns and you know you’re in the zone.  

Quick, what color are you seeing? Green of the grass and white of the lights? Great start.  Louie, Louie is stuck in your mind like your personal theme song? Excellent!  Keep going. Any pictures? Dancing and clapping and stomping.  You’re almost there . . . now, how do you feel? Exhilarated!!!!

Now take all of that, add a catchy phrase and slap it on a Anvil Heavyweight Ringer T-shirt in green and white.  Better yet, design a white hoodie and sweatpants to make an entire ensemble.  After all, it’s all about that bass – no treble.

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