Today is Dog Appreciation Day, but really, is there ever  bad day to appreciate your pooch? Dogs are extremely loyal, loving, and the perfect companion for anyone. The best part about having a dog may just be coming through the door when you get home and being treated with the excitement and adulation of a loving friend. You could be gone for ten minutes or ten days, and the reaction will still be the same – love and unbridled excitement. 


No matter the circumstances, a dog will always have your back and will always be ready to provide emotional support by drowning you in love. No matter what happens, you know your dog will always be there to make you feel all the love in the world. 


Beyond the love, dogs are just plain cute. They do cute things, the make cute noises, and you can dress them up to take the cuteness to the next level. Take for example, our dog t-shirts. We have tog tank tops for the casual canine on the go. For the colder months, they can bundle up in these adorable hoodies, complete with a pouch! 


If you have a small breed, like a chihuahua, the hoodie is a particularly practical choice as it will help keep them warm. Smaller dogs often struggle with shivers, and a hoodie may be just what they need to stay toasty. 


You can design your custom pet t-shirts with our designer tool and create a one-of-a-kind look for your four legged friend! If you have a pet shelter, pet charity, training or breeding organization, you can upload your group’s logo and incorporate it into your design. You can also take advantage of better prices per shirt by ordering in bulk. Our pet tees are available in orders of six or more, and the more you buy, the lower the price per shirt. 


If you are a pet charity, t-shirts make a great gift to donors that doubles as advertising for your organization. What better billboard than a cut dog walking around with your logo on their back? For breeding clubs or dog shows, these shirts can serve as a uniform for member dogs. 


Why not match your dog? How cute would it be if you created matching t-shirts for you and your dog and wore them together? This is possible with WhoopTee. In any event, take today to give your best friend an extra treat and a pat on the head, or maybe  a walk and game of fetch.

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