A definite custom t-shirt blog-worthy topic is a new amazing app recently launched called Knotch (it all comes together in the end…promise!). A quick, simple way to share opinions about a variety of trending topics, this is a promising new start-up. Using the “Like” and “Commenting” concept popularized by already-existing social media platforms, Knotch kicks it up to the next level, distilling thoughts and opinions into a color-coded, easy-to-use network.

Opinions are organized by topic, ranging from broad, social interest issues to pop culture icons like Katy Perry or Chris Brown, to politicians, to broccoli…and everything in between. Users can select a topic from an existing list or introduce a topic themselves, then easily add what they think about that topic, which appears in a color-coded bar (red side of the spectrum for things you love, blue for things you hate).

The app is extremely clean, classy and addicting, but not in a creepy I’m-stalking-my-ex-on-Facebook kind of way. Rather, it’s a fun, interesting way to share opinions with your friends, talk about stuff that matters and stuff that doesn’t matter, and becomes a platform for honest self-expression. Sound familiar?? If not, you’re not getting your custom t-shirt on enough! 

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