Have you ever picked up a brand-new sweatshirt only to discover it's made of some horrendous, scratchy material, and the hole for your head is infant-sized? Thankfully this issue tends to plague me less now that I have entered into young adulthood, but in my youth this was a persistent, undeniably frustrating element of any sports team, club, youth group...especially because I have always had a large head (impenetrable as well, as my friends and family members love to joke. Haaaaa....ha. Comedians, aren't they?). Looks like today's youth won't have to deal with such an embarrassing plight, as WhoopTee offers a deliciously soft, comfortable line of sweatshirts for youths and adults made of a cotton-polyester blend that holds comfort and style in equally important esteem. Also an option are comfy hooded sweats with a convenient zipper down the front–so if you were blessed with an enormous gourd like I was, you no longer need to twist, toil, and struggle to get that darn thing over your head and embarrass yourself in front of all of your friends. One of my favorites for adults is the Gildan Heavy-Blend Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt for adults, in the Carolina Blue. Gorgeous, light color, great for fall or summer nights. Plus, ordering some fun tees in bulk is a great way to bond your sport, group, or club.
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