As someone who pays attention to t shirt design, style, and whatnot, I am often confronted with the conundrum that is a “trend”. I’m mostly drawn to people who use their style to express their own opinions-- hence why I think custom t shirts are cool-- but, I’ll admit, sometimes paying attention to trends can freshen up your personal style. And sometimes, a trend just throws you a curveball… and I am an ornery person who likes a challenge. In this personal category, friends, falls the resurgence of overalls. Because I remember elementary school, I’m not fond of them. For a while now, they’ve been something I could never see myself wearing. But while browsing style sites, I found some cool girls who actually made me reconsider…

They look good, right? And I think I’ve figured out the common thread-- they’re all rocking a great t shirt. Look how this blogger takes it to the next level in a graphic t…

I think a great custom t shirt could make this look your own.
What do you think? Do these photos make you want to hit the thrift store, or just miss having recess?

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