So, you’ve envisioned your t-shirt, perfected your graphics, sketched out a bunch of difference options for design and text placement, and you’re totally ready to make your vision come to life on a shirt. You’re all about the designer tool, you’ve tested out how it works, played with the font, color, style, and clip art options…and, understandably so, you might have gotten carried away with using a zillion different colors, a bunch of images, clip art borders, names and numbers on the back…the list goes on. Since we’ve experimented with many a shirt in our day, we’re well aware of this trap. However, you can totally learn from our mistakes. In the world of a t-shirt, making careful, intentional decisions is rarely a bad thing. It’s when we get carried away that problems begin to arise. A shirt can feel cluttered and overcrowded very quickly- and although you can do tons of crazy awesome things for your custom shirt doesn’t always necessarily mean that you should. Take a leaf from this Maryville University t-shirt and keep your college custom tees simple and classic for a clean, elegant feel.

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