Wow, how lucky are we to live in a time of true audio paradise? In the past if you wanted to listen to talk, you could only listen to the radio. Even then you had limited choices: raunchy morning shows, news, politics, sports, and religion. That’s about it…


Well, not anymore. The rise of podcasting has allowed content creators all around to open up every niche imaginable to quality talk content. If you have an interest or fandom, chances are there is a podcast for it, no matter how specific. In fact, there are probably so many podcasts its hard to sift through them. 


Podcasts are an intimate medium. Listeners often feel a deep connection to the hosts and guests on podcasts, even more so than radio hosts. This connection is depended by social media. Most podcasters interact with their listeners on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and more. It’s a relationship that is unique in media. 


This relationship helps larger podcasts attract advertisers. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. Podcast fans are generally understanding with upfront producers, but if they feel like you’re loading the show up with advertisements and they feel like the show they love has turned into a giant shill, they sometimes turn. Meanwhile, medium and small podcasts don’t produce the numbers the attract advertisers. Not every podcaster can graceful with their advertisements and work them in without damaging the product. 


For the rest of the podcasts out there? Custom tees are a great way to keep the lights on. If your podcast has a dedicated fanbase, ask them to buy t-shirts with your logo or some sort of design to promote the show. Be honest with your fans: tell them that the show costs money to produce with equipment, hosting, etc., and the time of those involved. If you are honest and genuinely ask them for support, you’d be surprised how many people will help you out. 


Another option is Patreon, a platform that allows fans to contribute to your show on a subscription basis (like pledging a dollar or two per month) or per episode. You have the option of giving perks to your fans for contributing to your Patreon, like special episodes and t-shirts. 


Through it all, just remember to be honest with your fans and they will support you.

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