You hear that? The noise in the air?  The one calling your husband over to the BBQ section of the store; the same force that stopped your cart right in front of the football section of the store; and the same force that has everything you drink taste like your favorite fall brew from the local pub.  That undeniably, impervious, and cool force is tailgate season . . .and it’s cutting into August like a plastic knife gnawing through a log of deer sausage . . . slow and steady.


It’s time to take inventory.  You can celebrate simply or elaborately, depending on your allegiance to football and your favorite team.  The simple route consists of the following items: a custom shirt, cooler, beer, chips, hot dogs, truck (or SUV will do in a pinch) and a football game.  Like every red-blooded American, these are all basic materials you can find around your house.


Then there’s the elaborate tailgate.  The kind that make the front page of every Google search query with the words “awesome,” “tailgate ideas,”  “for #1 fans.”  Are you ready, because it’s a lot to take in?  Okay, here goes: custom designed RV equipped with satellite, 50’ flat screen, team color coordinated bathroom and matching toilet paper, a descending set of bleachers emerging from the opposite side of the vehicle (with a team flag flying overhead) and a set of 4 PSL’s at the 50 yard line, behind the home team bench for every game.


But that’s just the beginning - all the patrons on the RV must wear matching tailgate hoodies from  It’s not just because of the obvious theme, but because true fans know the best place to get group shirts for the football season is from


Clearly, they don’t go into the season blindly designing shirts online from any website they come across - duh.  Months of planning, shopping, and bribing go into a proper football tailgate season.  Next time, we’ll talk about the face-painting and tattooing involved. . . .We have all your custom tailgating apparel!

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