When you get a fine meal, perhaps with an appetizer, some soup or a salad, an entrée and desert, you know it comes from a chef. But where does the chef come from? Surely they don’t grow in the soil like an onion. They don't just appear out of thin air. Some chefs learn their trade the old fashioned way, by working in kitchens under veterans and honing their craft from the bottom up. Still, many others learn the tools of the trade from culinary arts programs at colleges, universities and trade schools. 


Some high school kids don’t even consider culinary arts as a field. That’s not to say that they aren’t aware that these programs exist. They have to have been to a restaurant at some point in their lives, right? Right? It’s just that high school students want to continue their education and aren’t aware that food is something you can go to college for, and that’s a shame. We’re happy to say that it’s one travesty that’s easy to rectify. 


You can fill high school kids in on this amazing career opportunity through cheap custom t-shirts from WhoopTee. You can create a custom t-shirt online through our designer tool to promote your culinary arts program, and hand them out at high schools, community events, college fairs, concerts, or any event crawling with young people (or their parents). To keep costs down, you have options, like going with a simple black ink tee or ordering in bulk. The more you order, the lower the cost per shirt. The lower the cost per shirt, the easier it will be for you to justify giving them away liberally. The more you giveaway, the more you raise awareness for your program and the more chance you have that some potential students will smell what you’re cooking and grab an apron. 


As for high schools, we know that culinary classes are hard to find the funds for as budgets shrink. Selling t-shirts is a great way to raise the extra funds you need to instill a love of cooking in your students early, and nurture natural talent in some future culinary arts majors. Putting aside career training, learning to cook is an essential skill, and one that teens will have the rest of their lives. The ability to cook for one’s self should never be taken for granted, and teaching proper hygiene and sanitation practices to any and all young people possible cuts down on the spread of disease and could potentially save lives. Grab a bun, this one is done.

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