WhoopTee is headquartered in the St. Louis metro area, and here we experience the ups and downs of weather on a regular basis. For much of the country right now, heavy snow is a fact of life. This week, we have been pounded by snow, and it’s been extremely cold to boot. This will make the morning commute more dangerous for workers, maybe even impossible for some. This may mean snow days. 


…but what if it doesn't lead to snow days? Teachers, you may need to accept the possibility that your students will not be able to heave recess this week, either from the cold, the snow, or both. That means a bunch of rowdy kids stuck in a room with you for even more time, without the release of running around. The horror…


It’s always good to have an activity up your sleeve for these occasions. Kindergarteners can play indoor games like duck, duck, goose. Older kids can play Jeopardy or some other kind of quiz or trivia game. 


If those activities fail, you can always have your students design custom t-shirts and vote on the winner. If you have a 1:1 computing environment, or close to it, you can set your kids up on WhoopTee.com and have them use our designer tool to create custom tees. Choose a theme. Tie it into something you’re studying, or design a class shirt or field trip shirt. Once all the students have made their shirts, you can have the class vote on a favorite. 


When a favorite has been selected, you can look into ordering the winning t-shirt. You can offer it as a prize to the winner of the contest, or in the case of class shirts, have one made of for the entire class. When you do, be sure to check out our guide on ordering custom shirts for classrooms. It will cover the ins and outs of taking t-shirt orders, figuring out sizes, and getting quotes. 


You can’t help snow…but you can keep snowmageddon from turning into a snowtastrophy.

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