Ok, lets see: it’s for a computer, so it’s high tech, but it’s made of wood, so it’s low tech, but it's manufactured with a laser, so its high tech, but works with simple airflow so it’s low tech.  I can’t figure this thing out!  The AirSlab by Solo Deo Gloria, made out of Walnut or Birch, is designed to keep your laptop cool and to help you avoid what they call “sweaty leg syndrome” (for which there is medication, I’m sure).  The intersection of good tech with natural elements has always made sense to me, both functionally and aesthetically.  Like a cotton tshirt printed using the latest in custom tshirt printer technology, it just works.  So here’s a challenge: design a shirt that in some way brings together natural, low tech elements with modern, high technology.  Show us your design and we’ll post it to our blog. 

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