Winter is almost here; therefore, cold weather is coming. Which means orange, yellow, and brown leaves are on the trees and to some dismay on the ground. There is pumpkin spice flavored everything in the stores. We also feel a breeze when we step outside. Winter sports are coming out and everyone is grabbing skates and headed to the ice rink. Red and green are covering the store aisles; as well as, The Christmas gift boxes, the Christmas barbies, and Christmas teddy bears. To think, Thanksgiving is not even here yet. But it is our favorite time of the year...sweatpants and hoodie season


When we rake the leaves, we wear our custom hoodies and sweatpants. When we eat our pumpkin spice pancakes, we wear our custom sweatpants and hoodies. When we feel that warm breeze, you bet we put on our custom hoodies and sweatpants. When we watch those ice rink games.... you get the idea. But in some places in the country it is not all breeze and snow. In some places it's t-shirt season. Some places have firework displays planned for Christmas. In some places, they rake leaves in our custom t-shirts. They eat pumpkin spice flavored pancakes in our custom tees. They even watch sports in their custom t-shirts and tank tops. Maybe not tank tops now but they are available whenever you wish to design them with our custom design tools. 


Did we mention shorts? We know now is not the time to wear shorts outside but there are those family members who are complaining about the high heat in the house. We’ll crank up your heat and hand those family members a pair of custom shorts. They are also nice for pajamas whenever you sleep under four blankets. Don't be caught in boring generic clothes, get custom clothes for all temperatures all year from WhoopTee.

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