Not long from now, your fraternity or sorority is going to be picking through the incoming freshmen and digging up pledges, lumps of coal you will mold into diamonds. Soon, you will be bringing in new recruits and having them jump through hoops to join your brother/sisterhood. When that time comes, all the initiations, all the streaking and cinderblock trust exorcises (ok, maybe that’s just Old School) is going feel a tad bit shallow without cheap custom t-shirts.


We know that unless you’re Skull and Bones, you probably aren’t rolling in t-shirt money. You’re students, after all. That’s why WhoopTee is perfect for you; it doesn’t take a trust fund to bankroll a WhoopTee order. Our quality t-shirts are as affordable as they are stylish. Take for example out selection of tank tops perfect for hitting the gym or your next beer pong tournament. All you have to do is choose your color and click “Start Design.” 


Once you’re in our designer tool, you will be able to create the perfect t-shirt for your brothers or sisters. You can upload your fraternity or sorority’s symbols by clicking “Upload My Own Image” on the lefthand side. We also have a wide variety of clip art at your disposal as well. You can even select a ready-made template and customize it to fit your needs. When you’ve finished your design, you can click on “Check Out”, or “Get A Quote” to get an estimate on how much the shirts will cost. You can also save your design and come back to it later. 


Don’t forget, when it comes time to do your work in the community, selling t-shirts is a great fundraiser idea. They’re useful, easy to sell, cost effective, and non-perishable. Plus, they don’t take up much room to store. Throw in the fact that orders from WhoopTee ship for free, and you have an idea worthy of a fist bump.

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