New Year’s Day is exciting. We are all optimistic about the fresh start we can have in the upcoming year. You have resolutions you want to get done. Why not stay on track with your resolutions by putting them on a t-shirt? You can make them serious or you can make them funny. 


We also know how much New Year’s Eve means to romantics. It is a time for them to get that sweet romantic kiss at midnight. You can have a fun t-shirt that says, “I got kissed on New Year’s 2017”. Even if you didn’t, we won’t tell. But if you are comfortable with it you can make one that says, “I didn’t get kissed on New Year’s Eve”. This will be a funny gag gift for all your poor single friends. Let’s run further with this idea and make one that says, “Kiss Me on New Year’s”. Or, you can was your hands of the entire affair with a shirt that says “Kiss Free on New Year’s Eve.” 


You can make awesome, memorable party favors for your friends (and count them as late custom t-shirt Christmas presents). After all, you’ll get your shirts cheaper per shirt when you order in bulk. T-shirts also make for a great gift for your employees for a company New Year’s party. 


You have to think of the kids too. What about one saying, “I Woke My Parents Up on New Year’s”? Or just keep it simple with “Welcome 2018” or “Bringing in the New Year”. Why not celebrate the new year with t-shirts celebrating the occasion? Be sure and order your t-shirts soon. Our orders ship for free in two weeks, free of charge! If you ever want to know when your order will arrive, check the upper right hand corner of your screen. If you order your WhoopTee today, you can have your t-shirts by December 29!

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