We’re all guilty of having them. You know, the oversized band t shirt or silly t shirt design? You don’t wear it, but you’re attached to it because it reminds you of something special. Well, I have news for you. I found an old posting about this on BuzzFeed, and they seemed to have some nifty ideas worth sharing.

To me, the resizing option seems to be the most conservative look. But if you’re feeling fashionably brave, try the halter look. With just a pair of scissors and some stiches, you can make the custom t shirt tent into a fashionable conversation piece.

If you’re embarrassed that you ever bought the t shirt design, but don’t really want to throw it away, make a pair of hot shorts! No I’m not joking, the tutorial is right here. If you're trying ot save on AC on a really hot day, put them on!


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