Yesterday, a very interesting hashtag was floating around Twitter. #AgeYourselfIn3Words was trending quite a bit on Wednesday and the concept is simple; a three word phrase that shows your age. This could be anything from a fad/trend to a piece of antiquated technology that was a big part of your life. Today we’d like to take a look at the later. 


Be kind, rewind.


Today is National VCR day. No, not national Betamax day, just as your kids will probably be celebrating BluRay day and not HDDVD day. Today is a day to celebrate that analog contraption that really changed TV and movies for us forever. VCRs gave families the ability to own movies and watch them at home. It also gave us all the opportunity to record TV shows we missed or that we wanted to keep. 


Think about it: there was a time when the only way a movie that had finished it’s theatrical release would see the light of day would be on TV, and that was only a select few. Now, the cinema is in your living room. It was magic.


That’s not to say that VCRs didn’t have their weak points. Who can forget having to remind to watch a movie. Who can forget late fees at the video store. Who can forget the moment when you realize your tape wore out, or your child had pulled the reels out of the back flap, or that your movie had been taped over. 


Today is a day to celebrate all the good that VCRs did for us. This classic, iconic piece of technology deserves it’s due justice. We at WhoopTee love ourselves a bit of nostalgia now and then, and we’re always down for an unofficial holiday. It’s time to take throwback Thursday to the next level land create a custom t-shirt for your nostalgia.


You know what, try to date yourself as much as possible with your shirt. Pick a topic that only someone of your generation will get. VRS, pagers, people yelling “get krunk!”…the good ole days are alive as long as we keep them alive. 


Let’s do the time warp again!

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