Social media has never been so important as it has in the last few days.  While we may watch from afar, it’s easy to understand how intricately the fabric of our society is woven.  We are all truly connected.  

With Thanksgiving next week, followed by Christmas and New Years, we concede that . . . life goes by fast.

And in that same vane, understand that it’s okay to treat ourselves and our loved ones.  While time and attention reign on top of the hierarchy, the next best thing is luxury.  If we look good we feel good and what feels good on us will look good to us.  Too much?

Luckily, is a big believer in connection and quality.  We invite our friends, their friends and even friends we haven’t met yet to like us on Facebook.  Even to go so far as to follow us on Twitter.  We want to connect with those who crave quality and indulge in luxury.  For example, without social media, you may never know about our new Bella + Canvas long sleeve jersey t-shirt.

This new Jersey t-shirt is available in over 10 colors and is ready to add a custom design.  Comfortable and contoured, this style looks great on guys or girls.  The luxurious and laidback jersey material is easy enough to throw in the washing machine without worry.  It always comes out bright and wrinkle-free!

Clearly, this shirt looks great on it’s own but with a little Whooptee flair and your customization, you can take this look over the top.  Get creative with your monogram or add letters representative of your lifestyle.  Large block letters with a Giorgio Armani flair shows the world that you know good design when you make it.  Afterall, simple and bold works best for t-shirt designers and in life.

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