Though some observed it yesterday, today is November 11, Veterans Day. Did you know that we honor vets on November 11 because that was the day World War I came to an end? Yes, what is known and observed in Europe as Armistice Day on November 11 commemorates the end of what was known then as The Great War. The United States was only involved in the closing year of the war, but that short period lead to the third most war casualties in American history. 


To all those in who have served, are serving, or will serve in the armed forces, we salute you this Veterans Day. To all the first first responders out there, we salute you too. For those of you who want to show your appreciation for the armed forces, consider creating custom t-shirts. Here are a few ideas:


As a Fundraiser: You can create custom t-shirts online with our designer tool and sell them to raise money for veteran causes and charities. 


As a Gift: Show the veteran in your life how much you care with a shirt honoring their service for either them, or you. 


As a Memento: If your spouse, parent, son, daughter, friend, or sibling is serving, create a t-shirt thanking them. You can show off your pride and keep them with you while they are away. 


For Reunions: Creating a custom t-shirt for a military reunion has never been easier than with our designer tool that allows you to design a custom tee online with ease. 


To Rep Your Branch: Has your family always been in the Navy? Are you a proud Marine? Let the world know. 


Whatever you decide for your custom t-shirt from WhoopTee, know that you will have your order shipped for free in two weeks to the forty-eight contiguous states. If you want to know the exact day your order will arrive, check the upper right hand corner of your screen.

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