Today is national pumpkin day, and in that spirit we decided to go seasonal today and give you a  handful of fun pumpkin-related activities to try on this chili, rainy fall weekend. 


6. Pumpkin Picking


Find a pumpkin patch in your area and pick your own pumpkin. Picking up a pumpkin at the store is one thing, but picking one up yourself from the source is another experience all together. Give it a try! 


5. Carve Pumpkins


Pumpkin carving is a time honored tradition. If you aren’t familiar with pumpkin carving, jack-o-lanterns must look pretty weird to you. If you are, you probably have at least one fond memory of pumpkin carving as a kid. 


4. Enjoy Pumpkin Spice


If you’re not an arts and crafts person, or just don’t want to get covered in pumpkin guts, you can always enjoy some nice seasonal fare. Pumpkin spice is in just about everything this time of year, and for those of us who LOVE cinnamon and pumpkin together, it’s a magical time. 


3. Pumpkin Pie


While on the subject of pumpkin spice, who could forget the OG pumpkin spice seasonal treat. Pumpkin pie is not just a staple of Halloween, but of Thanksgiving as well. Making pumpkin pie is an autumn-matic way to connect to the spirit of the season. Whipped cream is optional, but highly recommended. 


2. Smash Pumpkins


You know what happens to jack-o-lanterns? They rot. When there are rotten pumpkins laying around, why not smash them? It must be fun or Smashing Pumpkins wouldn’t have a name. Sometimes it just pays to blow of some steam, especially if to spite all your rage you’re still just a rat in a cage. It may make today the greatest day you’ve ever known. 


Ok…we’ll stop with the Smashing Pumpkins references. 


1. Create Custom Fall T-Shirts


You know what doesn't require being outside in the cold, getting covered in pumpkin guts, or any cooking skills? Creating a custom t-shirt online with Our designer tool requires nothing but an interest connection and imagination. You can even order a single tee for yourself with our no minimum selections. Have some fun and create a great seasonal design. If you’re looking for some advice on seasonal changes, check our our guides. Keep in mind, hoodies are versatile and perfect for fall, winter, and spring!

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