Today is a sad day for children, former children, and children at heart. Toys R Us is dead. With the final breaths of this once-great empire, former customers are paying their respects to Geoffrey the Giraffe and all the happy memories of the toy giant. Toys R Us has been liquidating assets for months, with the final says happening this week as the last bits of toys and furniture were sold off. Browsing through one Toys R Us sale gave pause for thought: one bin had a pile of Toys R Us polos. And guess what? They were selling. As this company went out of business, people were paying for the logo shirts worn by their employees. 


Why? Because Toys R Us is/was a powerful brand. 


In the 80’s and 90’s, an incredibly catchy TV jingle with brilliantly simple creative captured an entire generation of American kids, many of whom took their kids to the liquidation sales. “I’m a Toys R Us kid,” many posted online, a testament to the power of Toys R Us branding. An even better name is the moniker “R Us”. Originally, Toys R Us was founded by a man whose last name was Lazarus. Laz-R-Us became Toys-R-Us, and “R Us”, with a backwards R in this case, became a cute way to quickly show what goods this store carried. “R Us” has entered the cultural consciousness at this point.


The point of this post isn't to dwell on the past, but to look to the future. What can we learn from the power of the Toys R Us brand? How much does a strong brand matter? We at WhoopTee offer affordable custom t-shirts that make for perfect branding opportunities. They also make for cost effective uniforms. You can easily design custom t-shirts with our designer tool and outfit your staff. You can even create custom collared shirts. 


Sadly, keep the Toys R Us employees who lost their jobs in your thoughts and hearts this weekend.

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