Today is National Best Friend Day, a day that needs to be shared between you and your BFF. You have each other’s back the other 364 days per year, and today is no different. It is simply a time to celebrate the bond you share. Besties, in some parts of the world, is a social and legal contract that follows individuals to the grave and beyond [citation needed]. You and your bestie need to show the world what true friendship looks like, for the sake of the human race. 


You should create t-shirts that play off one another. Remember those “I’m with Stupid” or “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” t-shirts? Take that concept and design custom t-shirts for your and your buddy along those lines. Maybe use an in-joke, or a snarky phrase that sums your friendship up. Then create  design that spans both shirts, or is completed by both shirts. If you don’t want to get that crazy, you can always invert the font and shirt colors. For example, Friend 1 has a custom t-shirt with red font on a white shirt, Friend 2 has a tee with white font on a red shirt. 


Don’t worry about two shirts breaking the bank. Not only do we allow you to order just one t-shirt, a luxury not all retailers provide, but our no minimum options don’t break the bank. Use our designer tool to create your designs, and order them quickly and easily from the comfort of your web-ready device. You don’t even have to pay shipping: all of our orders ship for free in two weeks. Cost certainty, time certainty, and quality certainty; you can’t beat that. Hey, if you can beat that, you and your bestie should go to that place. We’re confident you won’t though. We guarantee satisfaction and go above and beyond for our customers. We hope to become your t-shirt bestie.

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