Everyone has that Grandma who decides to take up knitting or crocheting and makes the classic awful Christmas sweater. Or, the ‘this is so cute’ sweater you can wear all winter that is the color of vomit or just down right not stylish. These sweaters have gone from a groan-inducing present to a kitschy, fun holiday institution. People all over, bars and restaurants included, throw awesome ugly sweater contest parties. 


When you are invited to these parties, you can be stuck with a serious dilemma. You may have a hip and stylish Grandma who makes adorable and pretty sweatshirts. You may have no sweater-bearing grandma at all. How are you supposed to win ugly t-shirts competitions? Go to a thrift store and sift through the piles? The choice is simple: wear a custom Whooptee shirt that the judges will choose. 


Now, we don’t usually classify our affordable custom apparel as “ugly”, but with the power to make your hoodie or sweat shirt online you can make one as hideous as you like. You may try to find the things your judges hate and find truly repulsive. For example, if a judge is a vegetarian create a shirt with some meat on it. Or use their weaknesses against them and find a hobby or character they love and turn it in an ugly twisted sweatshirt they are more likely to choose. Or, you can just violate all laws of graphic design decency with busy colors and garish fonts that clash. 


Or how about making a Christmas t-shirt to wear all year round. You can upload your own image and create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt. A dad dressed up in a Santa suit or, better yet, your dog in a Santa suit. We have red and green as a color choice and other colors as well. You can make a shirt for dad, and matching dog shirts with a red and green pallet. 


You are sure to make the cutest or ugliest Christmas sweatshirt, whichever way you want to go here. Don't forget what comes after Christmas...New Years! You can find a way to tie that in with your Christmas Sweatshirt. You can't go wrong with the classic line “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” on your shirt. We even have plus sizes for when the Holiday meals catch up with you. Which is another idea for a t-shirt to make: “Here lies green bean casserole and a turkey leg.” A Christmas present anyone would love is a custom Christmas T-shirt. Part of the fun is designing yourself. You can give a nice card with cash or a check and a link to WhoopTee.com as a stocking stuffer so your loved one can design their own t-shirt just the way they like it.

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