You’ve always wanted to create the illusion that you’re being inhaled by a household appliance too? Yahtzee! Join the club, we can both check that off our bucket lists. In honor of the weirdly awesome, here’s another Shikisai tee, a designer who reaches into the deepest bowels of the bizarre and comes up with these insane tees. Notice the carefully gathered fabric around the lower right corner of this fresh white tee, just barely enough to make it look like the vacuum graphic is actually vacuuming. The shirt, like it’s on the actual shirt.

For some strange reason this kind of reminds me of the “We miss you” emails I keep getting after canceling my Netflix account: so totally bizarre and out of place that you just have to laugh. We had a good thing going, Netflix and I, but it’s not my fault that Hulu has more updated seasons of everything. And Netflix has about 26 million other sugar daddies, it can’t be missing me and my $7.99 too much. Lesson learned: do not acquiesce to emotional manipulation from a giant on-demand digital distribution service. Rock totally unique, awesome tees instead. What kind of crazy-awesome designs can you come up with? Photo via
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