Armani Exchange, Armani’s street style and music-inspired line that comes out with fun, fresh tees, like this black vintage-inspired tee, proves that high-fashion designers and boutiques can still surprise us (read: are willing to produce garments that normal people can actually afford). This departure from rigidly high-fashion trends we’ve come to expect from designers like Armani almost looks like a wall covered in graffiti, or like that tee shirt you got on the last day of summer camp and everyone who signed it just happened to be weirdly obsessed with Armani. This variety of tee is nothing new, as summer camp-y graphics galore can be found on tons of tees, but they’re usually on the worst quality, super scratchy tee material with that obnoxiously tight neck that is way too small for any normal human-sized head and might as well be a turtleneck. But to have graphics like that on a relaxed, trendy v-neck tee is combination I haven’t seen, and looks really nice with an equally relaxed pair of faded jeans and sandals or flats. Like the graffiti-graphic-style tee? Design your own with the superfly design tool at WhoopTee.
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