The toga.  Made famous from the likes of Cleopatra and Animal House, the toga is stylish, comfortable and classic.  Even guys got in on the action; after all, it was at a time when wearing skirts were socially acceptable for men.  (Back off kilt! We haven’t gotten to you yet.) But I know what you’re thinking “What does that have to do with me?”  I’m not saying strip your bed sheets, do a counter clockwise dance and hail a cab for dinner.   But there was a lot of style going on in all the fabric and draping – not to mention what was happening under the toga.  I mean a civilization that created eyeliner, wine (perhaps?) and the aqueduct system can’t be all that bad. 

But what contribution has modern society ushered in that has been as noteworthy?  Toga, meet yoga.  Yoga pants are by far the most popular pants to wear while working out, running errands or grabbing a bite to eat.  Pair a modern toga top like the Bella Ladies Flowy V-Neck Tank in coral, with your favorite yoga pant for a great go-to outfit for everyday life.  

The custom tank top is just the beginning; check out the yoga pant by Bella+Canvas (I like the white!)  Now all you need is some gladiator sandals, gold cuff bracelets and a large shoulder tote to complete the look. 

You don’t have to be great at history or recite philosophical quotes from the Egyptian era to look great in the Toga-Yoga combo.  Logon to, choose your color and size and wait for the fashion to come to you.  Remember, you’re not designing the Great Pyramids.

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