Whooptee has your back . . . and your arms . . . and legs  . . .  and even your dog’s back.  What I mean is, we make more than custom shirts.  Now don’t go as far as to think we’ll create custom upholstery for the school bus you’re renovating for your traveling trivia team (you’re envisioning Trivial Pursuit piece tapestry now, aren’t you?) But we do have enough apparel to cover you, and your pooch, from head to toe in custom apparel, designed by you!  And there’s more . . .cleverly constructed reasons to choose Whooptee.com.


We’re always adding new products.  You might say we’re trendy and classic; also practical and fun.  This might sound like a description you’d see on the Match.com profile of middle-aged lawyer who likes to sell sex toys on the weekends - you know, cause she’s so fun!  But Whooptee is even better because our apparel costs less than sex toys and has more of a flirty attitude as opposed to putting it all out there like slutty t-shirt makers who give it away for free!  


In all honest, we do give apparel away for free . . . but only if you really like us - on Facebook that is . .  and only on Fridays.  Let me explain: when our Facebook friends like and share our post, each Friday we choose one of them to win a Bella+canvas Unisex T-Shirt to design online!  Unisex means it’s right for guys or girls . . . but not like that . . . just that it can go both ways . . .  enough innuendo.


Our products are nothing without your designs . . . so what would you put on your butt?  You know, on the fictitious pants you’re imagining purchasing from our website right now?  So what will it be - clip art, a design from our templates, or an original upload on your butt?  


Whooptee.com  . . Where our shirts . . .and short, hoodies, pants and petwear . . . meet your designs!


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