Reports have been floating around online all day that Space Jame 2 is finally in the works, with LeBron James set to star. The original Space Jam is an essential title in any 90’s buff’s nostalgia  collection, staring Michael Jordan as himself as he’s pulled into a cartoon basketball game between the Looney Toons and the Monsters. It managed to perfectly intersect the animation explosion of the 90’s with Jordan’s public profile, which was otherworldly at the time and iconic in retrospect. 


Space Jam is one of the rare childhood movies that holds up over time. Although that locker room scene is a bit uncomfortable now…At one point, Michael passes around a bottle of water labeled “Michael’s secret stuff”. The idea is that it’s a placebo that gives his team confidence, but the fact that this movie was released in the mid 90’s and involved a star athlete passing around “secret stuff” that makes the cartoon characters grow muscles and perform at a higher level…you get the idea. 


Anyway, nostalgia is a powerful feeling. 90’s nostalgia is especially strong these days. You can celebrate your love of nostalgia in the most public of ways. Create a custom t-shirt and put the exclamation point on your love of all things 90’s. Our designer tool allows you to make your own t-shirt online. With our affordability, you can get your own work of art for less than a Jurassic Park action figure and a fistful of pogs. WhoopTee has more options for your t-shirt than there are Pokemon. Really, though, does anything past the first 150 count?


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