Spring Break is the time of year that marks different milestones for different people.  


Single people start to notice all their favorite places to go during the week like malls, movies and restaurants, are crowded with children.  “Why aren’t they in school?  I’m calling the truancy officer!  Oh, yeah, it must be Spring Break.”


Parents are scrambling to fit in a quick, homework-free vacation somewhere in the sunshine states.  But then they remember their college days and think it might be best to drive out to Grandpa’s cabin on the lake.  


Grade school and high school kids don’t really care what they do  . . .as long as it doesn’t involve school or spring cleaning.


For teachers, Spring Break makes a mid-semester point of reckoning.  They examine grades, lesson plans, and budget for their own mini-vacation.  Then they realize they are teachers and can’t afford frills like vacations, new cars or grocery shopping at Walmart.  Instead they settle on meeting their other teacher-friends for coffee and start to apply for summer jobs.


Next come the real Spring Breakers: college students from the University of Who Cares, studying beer pong with an emphasis in napping.  Some are too broke to imagine a spring break on the beach and head home to mommy and daddy.  Others have been planning  since their freshman year.  Money saved, Crossfit classes done, best friend’s SUV filled and Dad’s hotel points used.  Watch out Daytona!


However, there is a rare breed of college student that, dare I say it, selflessly looks into doing good for  . . . gulp . . . others!  I’ve heard of students running off to build houses for the less fortunate, feed and deliver food to those who are in need and even working within their communities to pick up trash, paint and beautify the area.  Now these kids aren’t on work release in order to payoff a ticket or fine; they genuinely like helping!


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